Trombone / Bass Trombone

Title Instrumentation Duration Additional Information Listen
Blue for solo trombone and trombone ensemble 5’ view_detail_150px
Concerto for Trombone “Braziliano” for trombone and orchestra or wind ensemble (or piano reduction) 18' view_detail_150px
La Grande Vitesse triple concerto for horn- trumpet- trombone and
orchestra (or piano reduction)
17' view_detail_150px
Glissin' Up for 4 trombones and Concert Band 6' Listen
Mahogany Moods for saxophone (soprano/alto – 1 player)-bass trombone-piano 12’ Watch
Poeme D’amour for trombone quartet 4’ Listen
Scenes from New England for trombone- piano and percussion 25’ view_detail_150px
Sonata for trombone and piano 14’ view_detail_150px
Sonata Rhapsody – “The Arch" for bass trombone and piano- or wind ensemble 18’ view_detail_150px
Tempest Concerto for solo trombone and trombone ensemble 15' view_detail_150px
The Road Not Taken concerto for bass trombone and trombone ensemble (or piano reduction) 18’ view_detail_150px