Title Instrumentation Duration Additional Information
Colors for string quartet- oboe and clarinet 10’ view_detail_150px
Concerto for Violin  "Tributes" for violin and piano (reduction) 25’ view_detail_150px
Devil’s Tale
(Sequel to Stravinsky’s L’histoire du Soldat)
for violin- contrabass- clarinet- bassoon- trumpet-
trombone- percussion (1 player) and narrator
options available for dancers actors and staging
45’  (34’ w/out narrator) view_detail_150px
Fantasie Concerto for Violin for violin and piano (reduction) 18’ view_detail_150px
Fantasie for Piano Trio for violin – cello and piano 18’ view_detail_150px
Horn Quintet for french horn and string quartet 14’ view_detail_150px
Jewels for string trio- flute and piano 16’ view_detail_150px
LAST CHANTS for clarinet-string trio (violin-viola-cello) and piano 12' Listen
Mysteries of Harris Burdick for string quartet or oboe quartet 10’ view_detail_150px
Oboe Quartet for oboe- violin- viola and cello 13’ view_detail_150px
Orange Blossom Special for cello ensemble (4 parts) 3' view_detail_150px
Passacaglia for violin and piano 4' view_detail_150px
Prayer for a New Mother for soprano- violin and piano or violin and piano 4’ view_detail_150px
Printemps for string orchestra 5’30 view_detail_150px
Scherzo for Sally for violin and piano 3' view_detail_150px
Serenade – Tchaikovsky (mvts. 3 & 4) for cello ensemble (5 parts) 15' view_detail_150px
Song for violin and organ or violin and guitar 4’ view_detail_150px
Sound and Fury for violin and organ 5’ view_detail_150px
SpitFire for trumpet and string quartet 5'30 view_detail_150px
String Quartet for 2 violins- viola- and cello 18’ Listen
Storyteller for violin- trumpet- piano and offstage trumpet (opt) 9’ view_detail_150px
Strumba! for string quartet 4’ view_detail_150px
Three Pieces for Violin and Marimba for violin and marimba 12’ view_detail_150px
Thinking for violin – cello – clarinet – bassoon – trumpet and piano 20’ view_detail_150px
Trio Sonata for violin- trumpet and piano 12’ view_detail_150px
Viaggio Vita for violin- trumpet and piano 14' view_detail_150px