Concerto Dreamscaping

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My dream project (it’s ok to dream, right?):To have all my concertos recorded by those for whom they were written:
Violin concerto #1: Jennifer Frautschi
Violin concerto #2: Alex Kerr
Flute concerto: Bill Larsen
Oboe concerto: Alex Klein
Clarinet concerto: Dan Gilbert, David Shifrin or John Yeh
Duo concerto for flute/clarinet
Bassoon concerto: Norbert Nielubowski
Horn concerto: Gail Williams
Trumpet concerto #1: Jeffrey Work
Trumpet concerto #2 (Rextreme): Rex Richardson
Trumpet/piano concerto: Marc Reese/Lisa Leonard
Trombone concerto: Nitzan Haroz
“Tempest” trombone concerto: Joseph Alessi
Triple trombone concerto: Joe Alessi/Pete Ellefson/ Jon Whitaker
Bass trombone concerto: Matthew Guilford
Tuba concerto: James Jenkins
Brass quintet concerto: Jacob Cameron et al.
Triple brass concerto: Charley Lea/Erich Peterson/Daniel Mattson

Dialogue of Self and Soul

Next Sunday, my bassoon concerto (“Dialogue of Self and Soul”) will be performed by the University of Texas Wind Ensemble – soloist Kristin Wolfe Jensen, with Jerry Junkin conducting. This piece is unique in that it also features a mezzo or tenor solo. In this case it will be performed by Liz Culpepper, mezzo soprano.

The performance will be streamed. More info later.

Lake Forest Symphony – Violin Concerto

We’re having a great time in rehearsal! Here is soloist Jennifer Frautschi rehearsing my Violin Concerto which was written for her and the Minnesota Orchestra in 2009. I’ve reorchestrated the piece especially for the Lake Forest Symphony and Guest Conductor David Cho and I are working together in rehearsal. We look forward to sharing this great music with you this weekend!

Jim Stephenson with Violin Concerto Score  Jim Stephenson with Violin Concerto Score